Tuesday, November 30, 2010

south of the river : making a difference

it was a november saturday and the handsome man (omega) and i had a spilling over box of donated food, collected from austin's fair scarlet woman lodge, to take south of the river. want to know why the capital area food bank of texas matters?

  • according to the most recent census data, 307,296 texans in CAFB's service territory live in poverty. one in six texans is food insecure and has difficulty meeting basic nutritional needs.
  • 34% of food bank recipients report having to choose between buying medicine or medical service and buying food.
  • CAFB provides more than 17 million pounds of food and grocery products each year. these items serve more than 350 non-profit human and social service partner agencies - including soup kitchens, church food pantries, neighborhood centers, halfway houses, family crisis shelters and low-income daycare facilities.

action adventure: san antonio

sunday evening found the five of us curled into a honda bound for san antonio and a gnostic mass that had not graced that city in two years. lessons learned:

1. adults should not expect to sit three to any backseat.
2. necessity is the mother of invention.
3. crazy misogynists are unreformable.
4. f. makes delish cookies and pours a damn fine glass of wine.
5. family roadtrips on thanksgiving holiday are most spirit fulfilling.