Thursday, May 19, 2011

lunch errand : urban outfitters

i crossed the street and became trendy.

(i used buying a gift for a girlfriend as an excuse to ogle vintage inspired 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

destination : fredericksburg, texas

yesterday, we blew the popsicle stand for a fredericksburg scouting trip. we headed south on 290.  i drank lots of blue sky lemon lime diet soda.  we laughed a lot. along the way, several wineries were made note of, rainwater collection system ideas shared, and i definitively decided that i will own baby goats instead of children.

once in fredericksburg, the handsome man and i dropped into the visitors center to load up on brochures and plan future trips. (glen rose, texas, hello?!) there was the national museum of the pacific war, main street, i had my first wine tasting, and spotted loads of texas women in floral prints with faces made up like clowns.  after finding ourselves literally lost in the christmas store for a spell, we walked back towards the car and a pleasant restaurant for dinner.

we liked the german stone buildings and the messina hof pinot grigio.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

07 may 2011

the world may end later this month, but today is how to live a saturday.
the handsome man just happened to be out of breakfast supplies this morning so oh darn, we had to have brunch at the the new black of breakfast eateries, cafe java.
then, we loaded back into the car and drove downtown to the pecan street festival. t'was my first time attending, and we had so much fun! we saw a camel and spoke with a compost lady and hung out in a hot sauce shop and remarked about how the stuff for sale honestly wasn't crap. -and frankly saw some of the coolest paintings of naked ladies wearing goats heads that we'd seen in a while. and i got a free strawberry lemonade sample.
then, i bought a new bikini while handsome man went to market to purchase us a fine fish for supper.
soon, an evening walk, dinner making, a movie about sailors, and some colored pencils.
then, sunday.