Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the museum of natural + artificial ephemerata


last saturday : a magical journey underground!

'This Museum exhibition is an earthquake that rends the ground to expose the UNDERGROUND. A hole opens up, and we are walking down into the damp dark unknown. Descend into our show-cave through normally hidden strata! Beneath our city is a crowded metropolis of graves, pipes, cables, tunnels, sewers, and landfills, and as we travel down past the aquifer, a glowing lake of magma! The mysterious corridors of our subterranean journey branch off into political undergrounds, the subconscious, and the Underworld -- lair of monsters, land of the dead. By spelunking through these passages, we come to learn that humans are strange creatures like earthworms, ceaselessly dedicated to the circulation of vast undergrounds! The earthquake of industrialized humans has reversed the strata of land and sky such that what was underground has become our atmosphere. Please watch your head for low-hanging rocks.'

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

strategic interaction

developed by john nash, and having applicability within his game theory, is the 'nash equilibrium.' it is defined by a set conditions that players in a game must meet in order to achieve a maximum beneficial payoff as prescribed by the game. when the nash equilibrium conditions are met, utility, expression, or stability may be reached.

a. The players all will do their utmost to maximize their expected payoff as described by the game.
b. The players are flawless in execution.
c. The players have sufficient intelligence to deduce the solution.
d. The players know the planned equilibrium strategy of all of the other players.
e. The players believe that a deviation in their own strategy will not cause deviations by any other players.
f. There is common knowledge that all players meet these conditions, including this one.

so, not only must each player know the other players meet the conditions, but also they must know that they all know that they meet them, and know that they know that they know that they meet them, and so on.

the conditions suppose that the players have answers to a variety of questions when entering the game.

what is your expected payoff? in what specific ways can it be maximized?
what is your 'solution?' what is the intended end result of the game?
how can your actions in the game and your understanding of the motivations of other players bring you closer to your maximized and expected payoff?
are there elements in play in your game that are being ignored, and therefore may disrupt this equilibrium?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


the blueprints have been drawn up and spread out for the "ideal day / ideal living" project. it does seem impossible to achieve what one wants out of a situation or out of life when that want isn't understood or fleshed out, or fully realized. in mapping out what i want, both in written and pictorial form, i have found over the past couple of weeks that i misunderstood many of my desires and goals, wholly or in part. perhaps methods of attainment hadn't been accounted for, or upon conceiving a desire realized, understood that it was misplaced. -maybe one day i would like to spend my time building a business that would provide sustenance and pride instead of spending that time obtaining a loan on a sailboat that i might tour with around the mediterranean, but, knowing myself, would tire of. the form will define itself as it is examined.

the content in the schematics seems to be fairly cumulative. i can design additions. i may construct a second story or repair a crack in the foundations or dig for a pool or landscape the grounds, but i'm not tearing down anything completely. transformed uses for old things perhaps. -the elements of my being that bring me the most joy continue to do so in my "ideal day" and my "ideal life." they are however, elaborated on and embellished and refined.

today my afternoon cup of tea will be made epic.