Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the museum of natural + artificial ephemerata


last saturday : a magical journey underground!

'This Museum exhibition is an earthquake that rends the ground to expose the UNDERGROUND. A hole opens up, and we are walking down into the damp dark unknown. Descend into our show-cave through normally hidden strata! Beneath our city is a crowded metropolis of graves, pipes, cables, tunnels, sewers, and landfills, and as we travel down past the aquifer, a glowing lake of magma! The mysterious corridors of our subterranean journey branch off into political undergrounds, the subconscious, and the Underworld -- lair of monsters, land of the dead. By spelunking through these passages, we come to learn that humans are strange creatures like earthworms, ceaselessly dedicated to the circulation of vast undergrounds! The earthquake of industrialized humans has reversed the strata of land and sky such that what was underground has become our atmosphere. Please watch your head for low-hanging rocks.'

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