Wednesday, August 4, 2010


the blueprints have been drawn up and spread out for the "ideal day / ideal living" project. it does seem impossible to achieve what one wants out of a situation or out of life when that want isn't understood or fleshed out, or fully realized. in mapping out what i want, both in written and pictorial form, i have found over the past couple of weeks that i misunderstood many of my desires and goals, wholly or in part. perhaps methods of attainment hadn't been accounted for, or upon conceiving a desire realized, understood that it was misplaced. -maybe one day i would like to spend my time building a business that would provide sustenance and pride instead of spending that time obtaining a loan on a sailboat that i might tour with around the mediterranean, but, knowing myself, would tire of. the form will define itself as it is examined.

the content in the schematics seems to be fairly cumulative. i can design additions. i may construct a second story or repair a crack in the foundations or dig for a pool or landscape the grounds, but i'm not tearing down anything completely. transformed uses for old things perhaps. -the elements of my being that bring me the most joy continue to do so in my "ideal day" and my "ideal life." they are however, elaborated on and embellished and refined.

today my afternoon cup of tea will be made epic.

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