Wednesday, March 16, 2011

destination : the ladybird johnson wildflower center

the ladybird johnson wildflower center in southeast austin is a treasure destination. carefully designed and upkept beautifully, the land arouses deep pride in me for the plants, animals, and landscape of texas. the center itself blends the rustic and cutting edge aesthetic with native stone buildings that house research laboratories, cultivating knowledge and public awareness about the relationship between texas climates and plant life. handsome man and i mapped out the woodland trail and the meadow trail which led us to an eerie texas chainsaw-y windmill. there is also a still unexplored cafe, a completely fab library, multiple galleries, an observation tower with an ooh/aah view, an inspiring system of aqueducts, AND a gift shop with little old lady things like jalapeno jam and butterfly shaped potholders!

i will be back tout de suite! and you should come with me because there are picnic tables under big shady lazy trees that i'm dying to sit under this summer.

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