Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sap of the tree

over the labor day holiday weekend, much long awaited relief was to be had, however paradoxical and formed with cheshire grin.

the cool front blew in on friday night, dropping temperature highs below 100* for the first time in months, and also fueling towering out of control fires all over austin.  amazing, fast, and destructive.  fin and i sat by our open patio door with eyes closed and enjoyed the coolish breeze on our faces.  it was glorious.  picture perfect days for those like us who could enjoy the cool sunny weather and be so so grateful for our safe homes away from harm.

monday morning and afternoon, i sat down with canvas, paint, and other supplies and a plan of artistic action that i actually implemented instead of just conceptualizing.  i took my time and kept with it.  i got my hands dirty and created something that, at least outside of my mind, did not exist before. pretty cool.  these creative juices always cause me to meditate on the nature of limits. - usually in the context of defying limits.  but in order to think of boundary busting, my thoughts are also drawn to those struggle places inside where i seem, to myself, to be hopelessly limited. painting brings the focus on trepidation and places where i might be holding back and then on the breakthrough, the bold line, the courage to make a mark.

this week is all about holding close all possibilities simultaneously and choosing my most perfect outcomes, at least with regards to those outcomes i can influence. this week is all about sculpting out a big inventive life.

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