Wednesday, December 28, 2011


i have never really made new year's resolutions. as my favorite hobby is self-improvement, i make resolutions all year long.  some i keep, some i don't.  what i don't do is decide one day to begin to do something forever and expect my mind to stay on board the boat.  i'm a gradual girl.  i've found that a blast of motivation is essential early on, but it's the slow burn that manifests the idea as reality.

so, my new year's resolution 2012?  stoking the fire.

i resolve to engage and play and stay interested. in april, that may mean something different to me than it does now.  by october, i will undoubtedly have conceived new methods and new tools for new goals. gathering my wood and preparing my kindling, i wish to be constantly mindful (or a close likeness) of how i'm approaching my thoughts, my challenges, and all those accomplishments that the new year will bring.

happy new year!


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