Tuesday, February 7, 2012

spring project development

once more, it is time for spring project planning. usually my seasonal projects involve something outdoorsy, something cerebral, something scientific, and something physical. i've never consciously planned it as such, but that's how the cookie's crumbled. past projects......

outdoorsy :  ghost town daytripping, flower pressing, bird watching, naturalist sketching.
cerebral : reading the bible, starting with the beginning of the dictionary and incorporating each  consecutive word into daily conversation.
scientific : recreating gregor mendal's inheritance experiments with pea plants.
physical : becoming a vegan, fire spinning, eating for seven (7) days in a roygbiv color scheme, taking up ballet.

so, i unveil spring 2012 project number one! i call it  
"gluten free me! or: how i feigned celiac disease in the hopes that my skin will improve."

i'm on day two (2) of wheat free living and it's going great, plus it's a challenge that is complicated enough to be interesting and easy enough to be fun.

happy project planning!

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