Wednesday, September 12, 2012

urban wildlife : morning walk : armadillo

Nine-banded Armadillos are solitary, nocturnal animals. They become more active during the night, twilight or just before sunrise. They can dig some really deep burrows at roughly 8 inches wide, 7 feet deep, and 25 feet long. They are highly territorial and always mark their territories. However, while females are exclusive with their territories, males tend to overlap into others territories. Their body has an excellent mechanism to get across lakes, ponds, and marshes. The armadillo either inflates its stomach and intestines with air, and floats across the water, or just sinks down and walks across the bottom, using its sharp claws. Their tail helps them to leap nearly three to four feet into the air, this leap particularly comes in handy to scare off predators, who come quite close to them. They do not curl up into a ball, as believed, but can easily leap and outrun its predator.

He was a cutie.


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