Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the fall of pretzel week.

.....apparently. boss-man purchased twenty (20) boxes of pretzels from sam's late last week. the office has moved from an initial, yay, free pretzels,! to ugg, please no more pretzels. i'm so over pretzels, that i can't even get excited talking about them anymore. luckily, one of our co-workers has a girl scout daughter, so the unappetizing pretzel memories are being replaced with a new 'please stop snack.' the caramel delight.


i have commanded the caramel delights, thin mints, and peanut butter patties unto their habitations, armed with green tea, carrot sticks, and my new found mistress, strawberry greek yogurt.

maybe next week we can have greek yogurt week. or seedless grape week......probably not, though.

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