Friday, February 25, 2011

sugar hits the fan

the universe has seemingly deemed the theme for this weekend. wholesome. and here's my thing, i'm into balance, so a weekend of wholesome is being looked forward to. some of the sickeningly quaint elle agenda points:

1. evening coffee at neighborhood coffeehouse with group of friends. - note the 'coffee' and not 'bottle of wine.'

2. a cook-off fundraiser benefiting my local community. - representation from the local raw, vegan, and gluten free constituency likely.

3. lunch with parents. - i've already been informed that we will be sitting at the table.

4. i am baking pineapple upside down cake. - like, from scratch. and then i plan on gifting it to all of the men i know, since apparently, this cake is man-kryptonite.

(i can always make next weekend crybaby and wanda approved.)

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