Monday, July 18, 2011

(dolce vita)

sunday was a big day for me.  i spent the morning folding origami swans in preparation for a birthday party, i accepted an invite to dolce vita in hyde park to meet up with a visiting friend despite a very strong desire not to leave the house. as it turns out, a large amount of relief and laughter can come when you least expect it. into the evening i played model in a photo shoot for an up and coming austin photog friend that is sure to be the next big thing with his new show. and, unfortunately, disappointment struck just before bed, which is always the most inopportune time for disappointment, i believe. i suppose disappointment arises from holding on to expectation.  but, we all have to hope for something, right? perhaps it would be helpful to take advantage of disappointment and let down as highlighters of other elements to be thankful for. disappointment couldn't take away the beautiful swans i made or bright faces over perfect cups of coffee, or giggly picture posing with vials of kool-aid.

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