Saturday, July 30, 2011

fresh familiar things

this past week i had the good fortune to be in the company of three (3)  long time friends rarely seen and in the basement headquarters of one (1) austin jazz haunt, not visited in many years.  i encounter that "thing-" where experience yields itself exactly as one remembers, but nevertheless changed in light of time and circumstance.  i encounter the oh yeahs and the oh yeahs.....hugs and are you still working there and remember when that thing and really, you're not carding me anymore at this place?  i remembered to love past lives, not just in theory or for experiences learned, but because of experiencing those people and those places alive, thriving, so different, and so exactly the same.

i also, through these interactions, smushed energy with an awesome, gorgeous, well tattooed waitress named celeste, a date (the fruit) stuffed with gorgonzola cheese, a walnut, and drizzled with wildflower honey, a dear man, robert davis who i had a special relationship with and will always hold a glass to, and conversation that left me feeling both comforted, and glad to leave.

i can love some of the past in my present, and i'm glad to leave some of my present in my past.

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