Monday, October 31, 2011

destination : halloweenland

marc antony accompanied me, cleopatra, to halloweenland on saturday evening.  after passing through a ghoulish foyer and sitting room, bedecked with spiders, hanging bags of bones, and webbery, we thankfully found ourselves in a lively, smart kitchen.  we were reunited with friends, dinosaur girl and horny devil boy, just dave, bacchus, and dr. frankenstein and his whore creation.  over cupcakes, punch, pita chips, and guacamole, we reminisced about our time spent in tarsus, the latest plot to undo octavian, and my bitumen fortune. divine!

** this weekend was notable for a few other absolutely happy making elements like:
- greek food
- saturday morning radio show bed lounge
- art collage time
- feeding ducks at the park
- root beer
- shopping for costumes
- gorgeous weather


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