Tuesday, March 13, 2012

destination : strategy challenge

there are challenges that inevitably crop up throughout our days and years that are wow bang surprises.  those that we are faced with at the sudden death of a loved one, a natural disaster, an unexpected windfall, coping with the decisions of others.  all are opportunities for personal and public leadership. there are moments in these situations where choices are made to raise oneself to the occasion, to do better, to defy previously imagined limits, and to exceed expectations.
sometimes we get to choose our challenges and achieve what we might have only had we been thrown off course unexpectedly. the strategy challenge. planning and cultivating our challenges allows us the opportunity to decide in what direction we wish to grow our branches and what areas we wish to prune.  it is our approach to the strategy challenge that is the game changer.
one of my strategy challenges is quitting smoking.  i am making the choice to take up a new lifestyle, not because i have been forced to and must then learn to adapt and thrive, but because i know that embracing life-positive habits will put me in alignment with my true self.  to choose the challenge itself is to adapt and thrive.
we are able to consciously choose our challenges and our behavior even within situations that feel overwhelming or hopeless.
the knowledge of individual choice empowers us all to radiate our light in the world.
what challenges can you choose to work through in order to be the person that you want to be and to live stuff of legends?

happy tuesday!

p.s. - did you forget about daylight savings time too?  as my friend chris g. would say, 'suck it, darkness!'

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