Wednesday, March 7, 2012

happiness well truth : abundance

there is enough for everyone.  really, there is. no, really.  your neighbor's happiness, success, health, wealth, beauty, abundance, does not come from a drain of yours. your sister's good fortune is not a sign that you have to hope for scraps of blessing.  it is a truly bottomless well. abundance never stops flowing, ever, for you, unless you actively choose to refuse it. fear of scarcity is a primal fear, but by bringing awareness to the truth that you no longer need to hold on to that fear, transcendence happens. light bulb moment! we have access in every moment to true authentic abundance. 


p.s. i'm bringing mindfulness to my nutrition by incorporating super-happy-yahtzee good mood boosters into my diet, like salmon, berries, green tea, bananas, and turkey. (all foods i eat all the time anyway, but now when i eat lunch i imagine all of their bliss-inducing elements soaking into my cells. yeah, i'm taking this blissology project very srsly.) spring project #1, gluten free elle, also dovetails nicely into my happy nutrition mindfulness, and more can be read on that here.

gorgeous painting by belinda paton.

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