Monday, August 13, 2012

storied imaginations

stories that we are given and that we create ourselves dream us up into who we are.  they provide us with order and meaning, examples of ways of living and dying.  they give us our goals.  we tell ourselves stories all day long, everyday.  shouldn't they be the most authentic that they can be? a lush imagination can bring us back to what is truly in our hearts. that storyteller can be sparked by a daily dose of playtime practices like those below.

1. vision boarding/art journaling. clip clip clip glue glue tape. any pictures or words from any magazine, brochure, packaging, advertisements, anything affixed to any other surface like paper, cardboard, a wooden panel, or canvas.
2. sending yourself postcards. no, it's not sad and desperate. the mystery and excitement of receiving a message from afar is positively unparalleled.
3. go for a walk.  i know, everyone says that, but seriously. on my morning walk this morning i came upon a family of deer, a dead rabbit, a tejano dance off, runners, and a brilliant sky. don't run into anything particularly exciting?- begin to imagine what could be going on in all those houses you're passing, and vroom vroom.
4. write. write snips, lists, essays, summaries, numbers, words. i am most fond of my grocery list meditation. i imagine every shelf of pantry and cupboard, what is actually there, and what i want there. so-called 'morning pages' have a lasting and powerful impact on those who undertake a more disciplined approach to getting their stories out of their heads and on paper.
5. eat food that has been cultivated and prepared with care. sensate focus has a profound effect on our story of reality, can form memories, and can change our expectations about the future. take time with meals. the plants and animals that we eat grew to fruition relatively slowly and developing a meditation practice over your food can be an excellent way to slow down as well and nourish.

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