Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bastille day

the pro and con list has always been one of my list technology favorites. i use it for weighing options in meal choices, relationships, entertainment possibilities, and in risk assessment. so i can also apply the p-c list to today, wednesday, july 14th.

the cons: posing for staff photo in a burnt orange polo shirt, morning headache, painfully slow computer, forgetting to pack my lunch and having to eat at quizno's, and wearing a skirt that blows up in the wind revealing panties.

the pros: breakfast coconut water, getting mass practice time finalized, the promise of kisses and sleep over, hearing french all day long, scheduling the vet appointment for fin, successfully setting up a new geeky time-theft device.

fairly good day so far. the kisses and the coconut water put it over the edge.

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