Wednesday, July 28, 2010

field research: goodwill blue hanger outlet

i have patronized many goodwills in my day, but none of them compared to this. huge warehouse, long rows of deep bins piled high with layers of miscellaneous kipple, sticky floors, children left to their own devises, and very, very focused bargain archaeologists.

it's really the kind of place that you go to not having any clue of what you're looking for. people who pick a bin and start digging through tossed out picture frames, turn tables, date books from three years ago, cracked china, books about kittens, curio cabinets, rusted pots, etc., are not looking for any specific item. they don't need anything. but what is being hunted is that elusive and covetous moment of ah-ha when, deep in the stacks, something is spied. it is not broken (or else it can be repaired,) it does not have any unidentified goo on it, its utility is only realized when gazed upon by the finder, and, it is less than two dollars.

the spoils of my venture: a. a charming wooden box with drawers (only one of the handles is broken.), b. a framed sketch of the michigan capitol building, c. a polka record, and d. a book about kittens.

total: $13.00

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