Monday, July 19, 2010

le cru et le cuit (III)

saturday marked the third and final day of my impromptu raw food fast. i contemplated lessons learned over a delicious and cooked (yay) breakfast taco.

i definitely would raw fast again, however next time it will be healthier and more enjoyable to meal plan ahead of time. - more creative and sustainable options. the absolute best thing i ate was banana "ice cream." -idea came from a raw food website, the name escapes me, but it was fabu. frozen banana blended in a food processor takes on this soft-serve ice cream like consistency, who knew? -everyone should try it, it's amazing. overall, due to my sometimes extreme competitive tendencies, the three days left me feeling like i had won a game that i was in with myself. accomplished. -although, let's be fair, eating raw food isn't the most difficult thing on the planet to do. interestingly, but also not surprising, even though i did jones for cooked food items periodically, i also enjoyed the simplicity that came from being presented with fewer food options. in addition to being competitive i can also be very indecisive, so while the experiment added fuel to my must-be-a-winner-at-all-cost-ness fire, it soothed some of the stress that comes with constantly having to weigh options. wow i managed to balance thoughts about balance. go libra!

so, initial future thoughts: more salsa and avocados lettuce wraps, sushi joints for fish, incorporation of more dried fruits including tomato, oh, and i'm definitely buying a spiral slicer.

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